I’m Elle, a Londoner who loves a road trip. I studied art and illustration many years ago and worked in fashion before following my heart and starting my photography business eight years ago.

I enjoy digging around in flea markets and second hand shops in seaside towns. Barcelona, live music, camp fires, good food and good humour. Before I had children I travelled a lot and I lived in Japan for two years. Travelling the world opened my eyes and my mind, but family and friends and our shared experiences are what makes my world go round and these days. I’m just as happy exploring the countryside with my family in our bell tent.


I was twelve when I developed my first roll of film in the darkroom I made in the basement of my family home. For years I carried my parents 1960’s nikkormat with me wherever I went. Looking at photos always fascinated me, whether the glossy magazines of my teens or family photo albums. They are a little window into another world. I love the idea of our future selves or our children being transported back in time.

My style

My style is definitely informed by my background in fine art and my lifelong love of cinema. I combine portraiture with striking compositions and use of colour with a casual story telling/documentary style. My aim is to make pictures that make you feel something… a kind of instant nostalgia.

On the whole I stand back and document the day as it unfolds. I tune in to the things I love. Light, colour, pattern, nature will all have a role.

The rest is you. No two weddings are the same and it is you who makes them unique. Who you are together. I will help you to feel open and relaxed and your photos will be authentic, heartfelt.


If photography is important to you but you don't want it taking over the day.   If you’re looking for images that capture all the feelings without being cheesy, that represent the spirit of the time without being instantly dated. And most importantly show the two of you and all your loved ones in a unique, authentic way (that will make you smile every time you look at them for years to come) ... then lets talk!


My services start at £1200 for 6 hours (half day suitable for intimate weddings and elopements) or £1800 for 10 hours ( full day).

Please email me or fill in the form on the contacts page if you'd like to receive my brochure or visit the FAQs for more details.