How much experience do you have?

I have been shooting weddings for 9 years and have clocked up around two hundred and fifty weddings.

Do you travel outside London or over seas?

I do many weddings outside London. I won’t charge for  travel time  but I do charge 0.65p/mile beyond the M25 for UK and flights, transfers and accommodation for destinations. Unless you can put me up, the charge for accommodation is subject to availability at the time of booking.  If the destination is more than a few hours drive and its and early starter i may need more than one night accommodation.

Can we meet before the wedding?

Of course. In fact I want to meet you just as much. It’s important that you feel relaxed with me on your wedding day. The more relaxed and open you are, the more the happy photogenic magic pours out of you and the more fun we all have. If you are busy, overseas or unable to come to London then a Skype chat will do the trick.

Do you need to do a site visit?

No.  they’re not necessary. I come equipped to shoot in any circumstances. I'm at my most creative when i'm responding to you and your environment on the day.  Factors such as light, weather, decor, people, what you’re wearing and even your personality will influence how I shoot. I make decisions on the day based on these.  Visiting an empty venue at a different time of day, at a different time of year will not help me make better pictures.

How long will we have to wait for our pictures?

I do all of our editing in house so the answer to this question can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on where I am in the season and what my current work load is like.  I'll  always send you a sneak peek of your photos in the week or so after the wedding.

We don’t want to take any time away from the wedding for couples shots is that ok?

As long as you are aware that there will be surprisingly few opportunities  to capture just the two of you (without being photo bombed by a drunk uncle) if we don’t take the time out. You should also consider that I have less control over the outcome of candid shots. I can make sure the photo are beautifully composed…but I cant control what you’re doing in it if I leave it entirely to chance. You be amazed at what I can do with just a few minutes away from the crowd. What I can’t do is take those lovely couple portraits of the just the two of you…in front of all you guests in a crowded room. Guests can be very distracting. So although those couple shots may look spontaneous and natural,  they still require a little effort and time away from the mob. So I strongly urge you to set a few minutes aside and enjoy the time out.

We’ve seen some pictures we like and want to do something similar, could we show them to you?

Although a lot of my couples are very creative and I love it when they have creative suggestions I don't encourage trying to recreate another picture,  It’s better to react to and work with the environment and lighting that you have. and try to create something unique.

If you feel inspired by something  in your venue and you’d especially like me to include it, a wall of fairy lights, a swimming pool or sculpture that you think would make a perfect spot for portraits, let me know. Provided I'm  given the time and as long as the shot you have in mind is not dependant on factors beyond my control such as weather, season, daylight, venue etc. I'll do my best to make it happen.

What happens if it rains? 

Some things are out of all of our hands. The key is to be prepared and roll with it. Have a brolly on hand (one that you wouldn’t mind seeing in your photos) I will face the rain if we can or find somewhere sheltered or inside if you’re not up for that. You may not get the golden sun-drenched pictures you saw on pinterest but you will get some lovely shots that will be unique to your story and you and your guests will still have a wonderful day.

We love your work but you’re a bit beyond our budget, do you offer any discounts?

I offer a 10% off season discount from November to the end of February 

We are getting married on a Wednesday is the price the same for a weekday?

I have small children so shooting mid week actually costs me more in childcare so sorry I don’t offer a week day discount.

We are having a small wedding and don’t think we need 2 photographers can we just have one?

All photographers have their own way of working. In order to achieve the best possible results I like to have another pair of hands around. Someone there to hold umbrellas, reflectors, veils... or run ahead and set up equipment. It makes sense that this extra person also has a camera so in addition to being my spare hands they can be a different perspective, an added layer. An extra photographer gives fuller coverage, enables me to be more creative ( I can be more daring in what I try because I know I have back up)...and talking of back up, an second shooter means that there is someone to step up to the job should something happen to me. All second shooters I work with are photographers in their own right and have lots of experience shooting their own weddings. Having said that, If you a having a very small wedding or elopement I'm happy to discuss other options if you let me know your plans.

How far in advance do we have to book?

I do get booked up to a year in advance but  rarely have bookings for every single weekend. So if you’ve left things a bit late its still worth giving us a try.

What equipment do you use? Do you have back up equipment? 

I Use Canon 5d mark IIIs ( with the same back up cameras) I have a variety of both zoom and prime lenses. I use  Canon speedlites for on and off camera lighting with various modifiers and led lights.

Do you offer a photo booth service?

Afraid not.

 What about insurance?

I have public liability insurance up to 5 million pounds.

What if you are ill or injured?

Unfortunately no one can promise that this wont happen. The good thing a bout working with a second shooter is that there is always someone to step up to the job in the extremely unlikely event that the primary shooter isn’t able fulfil their obligation.  We also have a vast network of contacts in the industry that we can turn to and we would do our best to find cover in the event of this happening.

What happens if we cancel?

The booking fee of 20% is not refundable unless I'm able to take another booking on the date in question. If the cancellation is close to the wedding date then the balance may also be due… It’s for this reason that before you book any of your suppliers I highly recommend that you get wedding insurance.  Although it may seem like a bit of a gloomy thing to consider and yet another thing to budget for, It’s a relatively small price to pay for a whole lot of peace of mind.