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Katy and Simon pre-wedding shoot.

Question: What do you do if you are super nervous in front of the camera and worried that getting photos done on your wedding day will take you away from the action for too long?? Answer: Book a pre wedding shoot! Thats what Katy and Simon did. This was a first for me but it was actually a great idea. These two were convinced that they the worlds most unphotogenic people and they were nervous that the pressure of trying to get decent pictures in the very limited time frame on a wedding day would only make for more tortured expressions. So they contacted me with the idea of doing something like a dress rehearsal, with just the 2 of them before the big day… and it was really¬†fun! Not only did Katy get to practise walking in her killer Jimmy Choos and slinky floor length gown, but I got to spend a bit more time that I usually do with my clients so by they time the wedding day came around we were old mates!…. here are some of the pictures ( you’d never know they were camera shy).

Elle x

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